Why a Dealership App

Why a Dealership App?

Keep Your Customers  

The strategy is simple - stay connected and increase engagement with your existing customers, your best prospects for future business.        

Our apps provide useful tools to help users manage their vehicles and many touch-points to stay connected with the dealership.  

On average,  7 in 10 of your hard earned customers will buy their next car from someone else.  It's critical to find new ways to keep customers engaged with your store.

Most dealers spend 75-80% of their marketing budget attempting to acquire new customers, and almost nothing to retain their existing customers. Tired of paying for and chasing Internet leads? Create your own better leads by staying connected with your current customers...your best prospects for future business.  

It's much cheaper to keep your existing customers, than acquire new ones. We can help.

Our Apps will also further elevate your dealership's brand by providing a progressive and innovate way to connect with your customers on their mobile devices.

Best of all, you'll get valuable real estate on your customers' phones and mobile devices... and provide a unique customer benefit... for a fraction of your monthly advertising budget.New Paragraph

Grow Sales and Service Revenue

From new car delivery through trade-in and everything in between, your customers will have your dealership in the palm of their hand, 24/7.

It's hard to create a competitive edge in today's market place. Make it easy for users to take care of their car and stay connected with your dealership. They can reach factory roadside assistance and get their GPS location with one touch, track service history, make service appointments and receive service specials...all easily and quickly.

Our dealers provide their consumers with a unique customer benefit that elevates their dealership's brand by providing a progressive and innovative way to buy, manage and maintain their vehicles.  

As a dealer, you benefit by owning a valuable piece of real estate on phones and mobile devices 24/7, with an easy connection to your staff and dealership.

 Improving the connection and engagement with consumers results in more sales, more service revenue and increased owner loyalty.

Communicate and Engage

Open your personalized communication portal and deliver location targeted messages to the right customers, at the right place and time, including your showroom, service lane and display lots. 

In-store beacons can now deliver marketing messages in your showroom, service lane and lots.  You can create and control location targeted messages to customers at any place, any time, any where.  Easy set-up with no DMS integration required and you can be up and running in 30 days or less.  

Connecting Dealers and Owners.

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