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Stay Connected with your Customers
Keep Your Customers 

About 7 in 10 of your new car customers will buy their next car from someone else. 

Our extensive set of customer features provide a great ownership experience.  Our communication tools keep customers engaged  and connected with multiple touch-points to your dealership.
Drive Sales and Service Revenue

From delivery until trade-in, customers will have your dealership in the palm of their hand 24/7. 

They can schedule service, see maintenance schedules, get owner's manuals, call roadside assistance, make payments, get appraisals, receive new car quotes, browse inventory and so much more.

Mobile Communication Platform
Open your personalized communication portal and deliver targeted messages to the right customers at the right place at the right time. 

You can send oil change specials to customers who pass near your store, welcome messages upon entry to your showroom, coupons, invitations, specials and much more.  

Why a Mobile App? 
  • Own a piece real estate on your customers' mobile devices 24/7
  • Provide multiple touch-points to engage your customers
  • Establish your own communication platform
  • Provide a tangible customer benefit
  •  Affirm your status as a progressive and customer focused dealer.

Features and Functions

Customer Connect Tools

  • Schedule service
  • One-touch roadside assistance
  • Owner's manuals
  • Maintenance schedules 
  • Make payments
  • Check recalls 
  • Sales and service specials
  • Salesperson connect
  • Service advisor connect
  • Keep important vehicle information handy

Dealer  Engagement 

  • Sales and service specials
  • Browse Inventory
  • Sell my car 
  • Get a price
  • Push messaging
  • Showroom beacons
  • Fuel saving calculator
  • Payment calculator

Mobile Communication Platform

  • Create your own ads, specials and invitations and deliver directly to your customers
  • Send mobile coupons
  • Use gps location targeting to deliver ads and messages to customers based on their location
  • Send service specials to customers near your dealership or say hi and welcome them in!
  • Send maintenance reminders and info on current incentives

In-Store Beacons

  • In-store beacons deliver marketing messages in your showroom, service lane and lots
  • Send service menus to customers that enter the service lane
  • Create welcome messages upon entry to a showroom or lot
  • Send vehicle specific messages when a showroom display is approached

Location Targeted Messaging

  • Deliver location triggered messages to your prospects and customers anywhere
  • Send service specials to customers near your dealership or say hi and welcome them in!
  • Message users at events, shows or send partner discount coupons

Simple and Easy 

  • Easy set-up works with your existing web sites.
  • No DMS integration required.
  • Up and running in 30 days.

For Service 

  • Easy service scheduling
  • Service specials
  • Maintance schedules
  • Recall information 
  • Roadside assistance
  • Owner's manuals
  • My salesperson photos and contact info

For Sales 

  • Connected customers buy again
  • Browse inventory
  • My salesperson photos and contact info
  • Sales specials
  • Get a quote
  • Sell My Car
  • Make payments
  • Perfect for new car deliveries

Why a Mobile App? 

  • Provide your customers personalized tools to enhance their ownership experience
  • Facilitate cross shopping across dealership group brands 
  • One app - all your stores
  • Grow revenue
  • Keep your customers 
  • Your mobile site is not with them 24/7
  • Own valuable real estate on mobile phones
  • Create your own communication network

Pricing & What's Included

  • For both Apple and Android with unlimited downloads.         
  • Launch meetings in your dealership
  • App marketing plan 
  • Two push campaigns monthly
  • Monthly analytics and action plan
  • Responsive support
  • $295/month/dealership
  • $425/month with In-store beacons/dealer portal
  • $250 start-up fee
  • Dealer groups call for special pricing

Today's customers need to connect on their own terms.  The strategy is simple - stay connected and increase engagement with your existing customers, your best prospects for future business.  

Your customers will love our Dealer Apps.

Create and deliver ads, specials and 
messages based on 
customer location  

Use our ad creator tool to build rich content and deliver it to your users based on their gps location . 
Deliver service specials to customers near your dealership

Inform recent visitors of new incentive offers

Using in-store beacons deliver marketing messages to your service lane, showroom and outdoor displays.
Perfect for 
 Dealership Groups 

All brands/dealerships in
 one app 

Engaging dealer selector facilitates cross shopping

Stunning High Resolution
 Home Pages
Unique branding  for each dealership

Each dealership has a complete app within the
 group app

 and Content 
All in One Place

Our Connect Tab provides multiple ways to stay connected with your customers and help them with their ownership experience.

Sales and Service Specials 
Our users most popular feature!  

Keep your customers up-to-date with sales and service specials integrated with your website.  

My Salesperson 
My Service Advisor

Your salespeople will love this! 

Use this section in the delivery process to help customers stay connected to their sales and service advisors 

Owner Tools 

Owner's can get manuals and schedule service directly from the App

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